laser segmented ink blade

Veslatec’s laser segmented ink blades reduce the need of both color and paper

Veslatec’s core competence since 1989 has been laser technology and laser manufacturing. This know-how is in an important role in developing the segmented ink blades beside other solutions in Veslatec’s laser-manufactured products and services. Over the years Veslatec has developed successful solutions with various global companies by combining Nd: YAG laser features with customer needs.

Veslatec has developed an affordable solution for the printing industry to replace the traditional ink blades. With Veslatec’s laser segmented ink blades it is possible to save color and paper, because the segmented ink blades are more adjustable than the traditional ones. Other benefits of the segmented ink blades are the following:

  • Reduced wastepaper amount (also reduced need of paper)
  • Possibility to pre-adjust color-control
  • Improved print quality and control of color usage
  • Improved machine utilization rate
  • No additional color into the press
  • Can be installed in different ink fountains and offset presses
  • Can be installed also in older models

What makes Veslatec’s segmented ink blades unique?

Veslatec’s segmented ink blades are produced by utilizing laser manufacturing technology combined with carefully tested high quality materials. Along with the extremely thin segments cut by laser, Veslatec fills the gaps between segments with silicone. This prevents the color passing through the ink blade hence securing the quality of the print and reducing material costs.

Veslatec’s ink blades can be delivered with or without a carrier. The difference between Veslatec’s carrier is that it is welded to the ink blade instead of using rivets. This makes the installation of the ink blade faster and easier. Because the ink blades are manufactured according to the customer’s technical specification, they are a fit to all offset press models. Some examples of the compatible presses:

MAN Roland

Construction of the segmented ink blades

  • Material thickness varies from 1,0 mm to 2,5 mm
  • Blades can be delivered with or without carrier
  • Segments are adjustable separately
  • No buckling as with solid blades
  • No alteration to ink foundation
  • Blades adapted to different ink fountains

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