Ready-assembled products

We can assemble the products in our production facilities. This way, you get the whole package ready to use and save time.

When needed, we can order the ancillary components needed, such as locks and seals, and install them.

By commissioning us to perform your assembly, you can focus on your core competence. It is easy for us to complete the products, ready to use, all under one roof and make sure all the components fit together.

When we carry out the assembly, it also drives your and our product development. If we find a smarter way to design a product that makes it easier to assemble, we will propose it to you.

We can send the products to you or directly to the end customer. We always pack the products in such a way that they remain undamaged during transport. If you have any requests regarding the packaging of the products, we are happy to take them into account in our shipments.