Electrical industry

Modular wall boxes, enclosures and other solutions for the electrical industry

Veslatec implements solutions tailored to the needs of the electrical industry and designed to support the needs of its customers.

We manufacture enclosures and modular wall boxes for switchgear and automation control panels, as well as the mechanical components inside them, wall mounts for car charging sockets and various enclosure solutions for the electrical industry. When standard products will not do, we can provide the most creative solutions.

At Veslatec, we provide you with all stages of the process, from design and manufacturing to perforations, installation of PEM nuts and rivets, surface treatment and assembly. We assemble and install all the necessary racks and fixtures inside the cabinet. This way, the products you receive are as ready to use as possible, allowing you to focus on your core competences.

When needed, we can come to your site to see it for ourselves and get a clear picture of what kind of a product will best meet your needs. We will make drawings of the product design and share with you the best way to manufacture it.

Why Veslatec?

We manufacture our products according to the dimensions requested by the customer. We manufacture the wall boxes and enclosures ready for use, so that all you need to do is install the electrical and automation components inside. We have lots of ideas and extensive manufacturing know-how.

Examples of the products we make

  • Modular wall boxes
  • Enclosures
  • Casings for the charging sockets of electric cars
  • Enclosures for machine control panels
  • Brackets, racks and other furnishings for enclosures and wall boxes