Printing industry

segmented ink blades for the printing industry

We design and manufacture segmented ink blades, springs and other solutions for the printing industry. We are not afraid to say that we produce the best ink blades in the world.

Our segmented ink blades accurately control the amount of ink used. They ensure the optimum amount of colour on the paper and create both quality prints and savings on ink and paper.

The size and characteristics of ink blades vary depending on the type of printing press, but the ink blades are similar in the way they function. Our biggest customers are printing press manufacturers and service companies. Our biggest market is China and other Asian countries, where demand for our products has grown dramatically in recent years.

Why Veslatec?

We have special expertise in the manufacture of fine-mechanical components. We have been manufacturing ink blades for more than 30 years, which is why our expertise and precision are first rate. Since we have a long history of working with different operators in the printing industry, we understand exactly what is required of our products.

Examples of the products we make

  • Segmented ink blades
  • Springs