About us


We have the answer.

The development of any product starts with the questions: What? Why? How? These questions are easier to answer together.

Veslatec is your technology partner that takes your project from a concept to the finished product. As our customer, you have a vision of what you need and what the product should be like. We plan the smartest way to make the products and manufacture them in our own production facilities.

Thanks to our versatile production methods, you can rely on us to carry out all stages of the process. We design the products from the ground up so that they can be manufactured smartly and cost-effectively. We offer complete solutions for machinery and equipment manufacturers, for the electrical, marine and electronics industries, as well as for the hospital environment.

We are the best experts in Finland at laser machining and sheet metalwork, because our machines can make products that equipment manufacturers consider impossible. Why?

Because we want to be better. We boldly try out new ideas and push our skills to the limit. We are convinced that the biggest limiting factor is what the human mind believes is possible. When every employee is valued and creativity flourishes, the result is state-of-the-art products.

Veslatec – From Answers to Action


  • Founded in 1989
  • About 40 employees
  • Located in Vaasa and Pori
  • Design and sales office in Asikkala

Veslatec team

Tom Bergström - the visionary

Tom doesn’t sit around waiting for a miracle, he makes them happen. Numbers are the crystal ball he uses to predict the future. Tom has a phenomenal ability to analyse numbers in his head and know what’s worth investing in. He has the courage to envision smart things, but also crazy things that others are afraid to try.

Jani Poikkimäki - Great salesman

Jani loves calling customers and understands what they need before they’ve even finished telling him. What he loves the most about his job is meeting wonderful people. Jani is always in a good mood and sees opportunities even in challenging situations. He always says the right things at the right time and listens to what people have to say.

Aki Norrbacka - Technological genius

Aki is Veslatec’s Gyro Gearloose (the cartoon character in Disney comics) and his brain is constantly working out different technical issues. It’s the technical challenges that get him fired up. While others are still thinking about it, he has already drawn up some great blueprints for making products in a smart and affordable way.

competent staff

Anyone can buy machines, but not everyone knows how to use them – we do! Excellent employees are a company’s greatest asset. We take on even the most difficult tasks and see them as exciting challenges for which there is always a solution. We give everyone the chance to develop their skills, because we believe in our employees’ abilities.


The strengths of the Veslatec entrepreneurs complement each other because they have the ability to look at the same issues from many different angles. But that alone is not enough. It takes the will of the whole working community to travel in the same direction. And we have plenty of that.

We believe that work is motivating when you feel your work has a purpose. When your work is something you have an innate interest in, when it’s just the right amount of challenging and fun to do. At Veslatec, we are all committed to doing things together and we all enjoy it. If you have ever visited us, you’ll know what we mean. You’ll see smiling faces and hear laughter everywhere.