Shipbuilding industry

Metal structures for ships

Ships need a huge variety of metal components, which are used for interior fittings, surface structures, partition wall frames and insulation modules, among other things.

With projects in the shipbuilding industry, customers typically have structural drawings available. However, customers need answers to the following questions: How are the products made? How are they installed and transported on board in a smart way?

When needed, we can visit your shipyard to investigate what features your products will need. We will then brainstorm and plan the best way to manufacture your products. We already take product installation into account at the design stage. The installation itself must be quick, as a ship has limited space and many people will be working on the installation at the same time.

We also take into account the smartest ways of fastening the products and transporting them to the ship. One good solution is to design the product in modules, so that it can be brought on board in parts and easily assembled in place.

We always set a precise schedule and budget for our work. We manufacture our products in-house or in cooperation with our extensive network of partners.

Why Veslatec?

Veslatec is your technology partner that takes your project from a concept to the finished product. We don’t just create shaped pieces – we can tell you the best ways to make your products, and we make them in our own production facilities.

At Veslatec, we never run out of ideas. We design products in such a way that they can be implemented and installed in a smart way. This requires solid manufacturing know-how. We provide our customers with complete solutions, right down to the finished product.

Examples of projects we have completed

  • Roof structures
  • Interior wall constructions
  • Insulation modules
  • Various interior metal elements