Electronics industry

Precise and demanding products for the electronics industry

We manufacture mechanical components for the electronics industry that become part of a larger product. We make components for equipment that is used in space, deep under the sea, and in mobile phones, cars and watches.

Manufacturing products for the electronics industry requires extreme precision. We have special expertise in laser micromachining, which means the production of precise, fine-mechanical components.

In addition to laser micromachining, our production methods also include other manufacturing technologies depending on the product.

Why Veslatec?

Through us, you can order both design and manufacturing, ranging all the way to large-scale complete solutions. We always carefully consider ways to manufacture components in such a way that they maintain their dimensional accuracy and function excellently in the job for which they were intended. We understand that you need products that are absolutely flawless to ensure your electronic devices work well.

We have more than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing products for the electronics industry. We produce both individual components and large assemblies.

Examples of the products we make

  • Enclosure structures
  • Mounting components
  • Relay components
  • Sensor components
  • Measuring device components
  • Satellite components
  • Diver watch components
  • Tools used to manufacture products for the electronics industry