Accurate welding results with years of experience

We perform both traditional manual welding and laser welding. Our welding methods include TIG, MIG, spot and stud welding.

Laser welding is part of laser micromachining, which involves small components that require high precision. You can read about laser micromachining here.

Our welders have years of experience and are exceptionally precise. We can also give the finishing touches to the welded seams if required. Many of the products we manufacture can be seen in prominent places in public spaces, which is why the welds must be of the highest quality.

We can weld aluminium as well as other materials. We can also weld stainless steel in such a way that the material does not darken during welding. We can even finish the stainless steel so cleanly that the welded seam has a mirror finish.


  • Structural steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Acid-proof steel
  • Aluminium