Hospital environments

Furnishings for hospitals and public spaces

The hospital environment places its own specific demands on the manufacture of products. We know exactly what these requirements are. The products must be hygienic, easy to clean, visually appealing and they must have no sharp edges that may cause injuries.

For hospitals, we manufacture metal components for toilet facilities, mirror cabinets, waste bins, paper towel holders, toilet brush holders and hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. The products can be surface treated with a coating containing an antibacterial agent.

We usually manufacture products according to the designer’s drawings, but we can also design products from scratch. Our special expertise is in the manufacture of visually pleasing products, which are often placed in a prominent location. The products must not show scratches, dents or fingermarks – we like to say that our staff handle metal wearing “princess gloves”.

Product development projects for public spaces

Our products are also used in other public spaces, such as libraries and swimming pools. We are also happy to participate in various product development projects, helping you to develop or redesign products according to interior design trends and what is practical in use. When designing products, their final application and the environment in which they will be used must always be taken into account. They must also be easy to install.

We make our products so that they are pre-assembled and ready to use. We install the necessary ancillary components, such as levers, mirrors, stoppers, locks, hinges, plugs, magnets and tapes. If required, we can send the products directly to their final destination, ready packed.

Why Veslatec?

We have been manufacturing complete solutions for hospitals for more than 15 years, which is why we understand the demands that the products must meet. Our collaboration with designers and architects is smooth and straightforward. We calculate the budget carefully, set a timetable and, above all, stick to it.

We know how to handle products so that their surface remains beautiful to look at when in use and so that they create a visual match. We guarantee that our products will last for decades.

Examples of the products we make

  • Metal components for toilet facilities
  • Mirror cabinets
  • Waste bins
  • Paper towel holders
  • Toilet brush holders
  • Foot-operated sanitizer dispensers