Design and project services

Design projects according to the customer’s needs

We perform a variety of design projects for our customers. The scope of the projects ranges from individual products to mechanical engineering and entire product families.

As our customer, you have a vision of what you need and what the product should be like. We plan the best way to produce the products and manufacture them in-house or in cooperation with our extensive network of partners.

Many people can build a product that works, but what makes us stand out is the fact that we also consider the manufacturability, easy installation and functionality of the product.

We have extensive experience in different manufacturing technologies. Taking manufacturability into account from the very beginning of a project saves money and avoids unnecessary work.

An example of the design process:

This is how we work together:

Veslatec provides support for the designer

We also make products based on ready-made designs. The customer knows best what the end result should be and the application it will be used for. Veslatec supports the design engineer by sharing their know-how on the smartest way to design the products so that they will be logical and cost-effective to manufacture.

We are experts in manufacturing technologies and have extensive experience in both design and manufacturing methods. We also work closely with companies located close to us. This is why we are great at selecting services that complement the production chain from companies in the surrounding area.

The earlier the design engineer contacts us, the more affordable the products will be to make. This is because it helps us avoid unnecessary work and keeps the project on schedule. Our rule of thumb is that a 15-minute phone call will save a week’s worth of work!