Veslatec’s turnover grew significantly in 2021

2021 has been a top year for Veslatec in many ways. In April, Veslatec acquired Lännen Ohutlevy in Pori, Finland, to gain more resources for the post-pandemic boom, and things turned out exactly how Veslatec had predicted.

“We made the acquisition at exactly the right time, because there was a sharp spike in demand immediately afterwards. The strong growth continues and both factories are reaching full capacity,” says CEO Tom Bergström.

Veslatec’s turnover has increased by about 70% compared to the previous year and, as a consequence, the company has hired more people, providing work for 40 employees now. The Vaasa factory has gone from two shifts to three, and employees at the Pori factory now work three shifts instead of one. Last autumn, there was a new employee joining the company almost every week.

Big projects sell

Veslatec’s aim is to offer customers larger and larger packages. So far they have been successful with this goal, as project sizes have increased dramatically. Bergström is grateful that customers trust Veslatec’s expertise. But the biggest thanks go to the staff.

“This year, I am particularly pleased with and grateful for our skilled staff. We have had some challenges and the pace of growth is fast, but our employees have done their best to flexibly accommodate our growth and have been engaged with this growth a hundred per cent. At the same time, our work efficiency has increased considerably.”

Bergström works half the week in Vaasa and the other half in Pori. He starts each day by walking through the factory and chatting with Veslatec’s employees.

“I do my best to talk to all our employees several times a week. This is a priority for me, because I want to create an excellent workplace atmosphere with great communication.”

Two factories working as one

It has taken a lot of work to bring the two companies together, but it is paying off.

“Our aim is to operate as one factory, even though we have two factories in two different locations. This spring, we are going to unify our operations by joining the two companies under the Veslatec brand, while Lännen Ohutlevy will remain an auxiliary name.”

Apart from having to face higher material prices, Veslatec has not been affected by the shortage of components and raw materials. Bergström predicts that the industrial upturn will continue at least until the spring. When the economic recovery efforts end, demand will level off and remain at the level reached.

All in all, the people at Veslatec are very satisfied with the past year.

“At one of our strategy meetings recently, we marvelled at how this year has taken Veslatec to a whole new level.”