Veslatec is reforming – new website, training, and investments to new machines

Veslatec has launched their new website From the same site you can also enter their new online store.

These websites are a part of Veslatec’s rebranding. Veslatec and Lännen Ohutlevy became one on the spring of 2021, but from now on the company will function under the unified Veslatec brand.

– We wanted to unite our marketing communications. We needed the new websites because they must be up to date and present our functions properly. Our development during the last year has been tremendous, so the websites had to be updated to present our development, says Tom Bergström, CEO of Veslatec.

From Answers to Action

The new websites focus more of Veslatec’s total services. Veslatec is the technology partner of the customer, and they offer extensive services from design and ideas all the way to manufacturing and doing big assemblies. The new slogan “From Answers to Actions” describes this wholesome service. Projects often start with questions to which Veslatec provides answers and execution.

– I have always said that Veslatec is a service company. Our evolution from laser cutters to professionals of total services has been vast during the last few years. We can execute projects from the very start to the end.

The new pictures and videos on the website are focused on the personnel of Veslatec. This was strategic decision because the personnel are the company’s most valuable asset. And of course, Laserboy is among them.

– To us, Laserboy is the ambassador of good vibes and an important part of our team. We want to keep the playfulness as a part of our marketing communications in the future as well.

Training and new investments

During the last year Veslatec has invested in creating consistent course of actions in Vaasa and in Pori.

– Our business has been blooming from the start of this year, and the growth is expected to continue for the rest of the year too. We invest heavily on the development of our personnel. Our goal is to have the best know-how in this field globally.

During the rest of the year Veslatec is training their management and employees. Additionally, they will also invest in new technology and production machines such as press brake machines.

– Training of our personnel and the investments will keep us on the cutting edge of development. When our know-how is the best in class, we can serve our customers in the best way possible.